Made in Spain? Seriously?

You heard it right. We know that making our lanyards in other countries would have increased our profits but, do you know something? We love our country, our way of living and our people. In our workshop, located in the pretty village of Lorca, we create all of our #sagones one by one.

Do you get butterflies in your stomach each time you think about us and you are wanting to share it with your customers and friends? Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to the psychologist, we have the solution!
Contact us at info@sagonebrand.com and our sales department will help you to become an authorised seller with a plan to suit your needs. The start of a beautiful relationship!

The different delivery plans are shown at the time you purchase your sagone.

Hasn’t the product arrived within the expected time? Don’t hesitate for a minute to contact us at info@sagonebrand.com for us to get to work, we’ll get in touch with the courier company and find a solution. Not a minute more without your #sagone!

Our draws and prizes shared through our social networks have no sales value and therefore no guarantee, return or exchange. In the event of receiving a faulty product, let us know within 24 hours from receipt of the product by contacting info@sagonebrand.com so we can look for a solution.

Take a look at our exchanges/returns page to contact us and we can help you find a solution, not a minute longer without your #sagone!

We know you want to get to know us. You can contact us at info@sagonebrand.com